13 Reasons Why season 2


Netflix, along with the directors of 13 Reasons Why, has confirmed that there will be a second season of the show.  The show hit big back in march and april.  Many people have stated that season two won’t be as good, or how will season two be? Because of the book, and that there was not a second part after Hannah Baker committed suicide, but it is confirmed that there will be a season two.

 Netflix has given some insight on what we may expect from season two.  We may see other perspectives of Hannah’s story.  Jessica’s story will continue on as she tries to return to a normal healthy lifestyle.  Hannah will not be the narrator and there are no more tapes.  They show how we can do better at treating others and what things we can do differently to prevent what happened in season one.  Bryce will get what’s coming for him.

 A Rolling Stone article online confirms that the show will not be released until 2018.  The show will start from the point of the aftermath of Hannah’s suicide and will show the characters and their journey to recovery.

I have so many questions that are unanswered such as what happens to the tapes? Will we see the court case? What happens to most of the people on the tapes? Do Alex or Clay die? No one knows for sure but we will see when the second season comes out which I cannot wait for.

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