Best Way to Study for Finals

Finals are coming up at the end of the week. Being prepared is a major part of doing well. Here are some quick tips and guidelines to help you get prepared for finals.

  • Make sure to give yourself enough time to study, finals are at the end of this week (START STUDYING NOW)
  • Organize your study space
  • Go over and practice on old exams (teachers always say to save your stuff and that you will see the questions again in the future)
  • Make flashcards and have someone quiz you
  • Highlight important information so that you only study what you need to
  • Get help (other students get volunteer hours for tutoring you, ask them)
  • Sleep, make sure you get a good nights rest on the days before finals
  • Eat healthy, eat a good dinner the night before and breakfast the day of finals
  • Stay calm and don’t rush (if you start studying ahead of time you won’t have to rush)
  • Create your own study guide with the old test and worksheets FINALS online posrt

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