Volleyball season during COVID-19

written by De’Airel Baker

Having masks and training at the same time might be a little hard for the girl’s volleyball team, but they have been pushing through. Despite having to play in a pandemic, they are working their way up. 

“I dislike that we’re not playing for our parents, but I love that we’re somehow being safe and If we can find a way for our parents to watch and still be safe then I would be fine with it,” said senior Jasmine Walker. “Having people in the stands is okay as long as everyone is socially distancing themselves. Sometimes having family and friends cheering you on is the best way for a team to win and know that you have so many supports that are cheering you on throughout the games,” 

During the team’s home scrimmage against Rock Creek, there were no visitors allowed. Walker did not like the restriction, but understood why it was necessary. 

 “What I am looking forward to this year is bonding with the new girls and just enjoying my last year at Clarksville,” said Walker.

Bonding time is a big part of the Generals’ volleyball team regime because everyone has to get to know each other and learn about what will happen this season. As well as learn to build communication and connection amongst one another.

 “Looking forward to this season is a lot of self-improvement and to grow together as a big team and bond,” said Cain. This will be Cain’s first year on the team. 

There are 22 players on the team with a combination of both new and returning players. This year the volleyball team has seven athletes that are new to the team. Each player has different ideas on what they are looking forward to this year.

 “This is not what I expected, but it is very challenging to play in a pandemic. Since COVID-19 is in the way, we can’t hang out after games or give our teammates high fives, but my parents are fine with me playing. They know that we are taking a lot of precautions,” said junior Kylie Cain. “The precautions I take are I make sure my volleyball team and myself are safe, always wash my hands 30 seconds, wear my mask when we’re not six feet apart, and avoid contact. If someone is not feeling well we know to stay home.”

  Every one player is doing their part to make sure they are safe and their teammates are safe.The team is taking precautions on and off the court to make sure their season continues. “It is so much different, playing volleyball during a pandemic because there are so many precautions that you have to take and it is not the same anymore. The anticipations that I’m taking to make sure I am safe and my team is safe is I am wearing a mask when it is needed and trying to restrict my exposure to my teammates so I don’t endanger myself personally or my teammates getting infected,” said sophomore Skye Howe.

The volleyball team has a few games going on in September all starting at 6pm. JV and Varsity will play Henryville on the 23rd and West Washington on the 24th.

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