EDITORIAL: To mask or not to mask…

written by Summer Neal

Wearing a mask has become the new controversial topic of 2020. Some argue that wearing a mask takes away their rights while others use scientific based facts to prove why people should, in fact, wear one.

On July 15, the first mask mandate was passed in Alabama, requiring all residents above the age of 8 to wear a mask when in public and close contact with other people. Other states would follow suit in the next coming weeks, making many citizens unhappy, while making others feel more safe. Many people would also completely ignore these mandates and go out in public without a mask on or wear it incorrectly by not covering their nose or mouth.

Wearing a mask is one of the only ways the scientific community currently knows to slow down the spread of COVID-19. By wearing a mask, people are not only protecting themselves, but the people nearby as they create a barrier between germs and the rest of the world. Masks make it difficult for the droplets that carry the Coronavirus to spread, therefore protecting those around the affected individual. Because many people who have gotten the virus are asymptomatic, it is important to wear a mask even if not feeling sick.

Masks have become readily available as we’ve gotten deeper into the pandemic There are many tutorials online about how to make a mask at home. People can also purchase them from friends or from almost any store or website. Even if you think the masks do not work, wearing one doesn’t affect anyone’s life that much and you at least tried to keep yourself safe, as well as others. If healthcare workers can wear them for days, everyone can wear one for the hour or so that they’re in the grocery store. Masks are a simple sign of respect that everyone can use. 

Comic by Sara Vaughn

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