Latest update on top Netflix shows

written by Tanner Page

     There are multiple popular Netflix series that have been confirmed for a new and upcoming season. Some of these shows include Altered Carbon, Black Mirror, The End of The F-ing World, and quite a few more. Due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, all productions have been put on hold, but some still have confirmed release dates, for both returning series and brand new ones. 

     The new series Space Force, starring Steve Carell, airs May 29. It is said to be similar to the hit sitcom The Office, which also starred Carell, this time it takes place in space. Another new upcoming series is Hollywood, created by Ryan Murphy. This show gives a look into early Hollywood and it deals with interracial couples, as well as LGBT couples. This premiered on May 1.

     In addition to these brand new shows, there are returning fan-favorite shows with new seasons. Riverdale, a popular and very controversial show, is releasing season 4 on Netflix May 14. Another returning show is SHE-RA, an animated series similar to the popular show Voltron. It is about princesses and the fight against an evil race of aliens of some sorts. The new season airs May 15. 

     Most shows have unconfirmed release dates, but are expected to air soon. These shows include The Umbrella Academy, GLOW, and Lucifer. Due to their beginning production dates, we should see these shows soon. Along with series, big Netflix original movies such as The Lovebirds will see television screens soon. The Lovebirds, a loving couple who accidentally gets involved in a murder tries to prove their innocence, comes May 22. Other big name movies such as Uncut Gems, Soul Surfer, and Just Go With It will also join Netflix this upcoming month. 

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