Every Star Wars movie ranked from worst to best

written by Julien Caffee

     Since May the 4th has dawned upon us, Disney+ added the last Star Wars movie to its streaming service. In celebration of these events, I have decided to rank all nine Star Wars movies from the worst to the best. 

9. Attack of the Clones: Look, this movie is just god awful. All it really does is lead you into an animated series called The Clone Wars


8. The Force Awakens: I know that this is the revival of Star Wars after nearly 10 years of waiting, but looking back on it I don’t really see why this is critically acclaimed. All there is is a whole bunch of plot holes that just ruin the entire movie and cause it to not make sense. 


7. The Rise of Skywalker: I’ve already written about this movie more in depth, so I’m going to keep this short– not good, but it has good parts. 


6. The Phantom Menace: The first of the prequels isn’t as awful as its sequel. It has some really good parts in it, including one of the best lightsaber fights in the entire series. That alone saves this movie from ranking lower. 


5. The Last Jedi: This is arguably my favorite movie of the new trilogy. It actually has a lot of good parts in it. However, the plot holes creep in towards the end of the movie and really just killed the movie for me. 


4. A New Hope: The first entry in Star Wars is pretty amazing, it’s one of the best selling movies of all time and it rightfully earned that spot. Also, it leads into one of the best sequels of all time. 


3. Return of the Jedi: The third movie released to the public was an amazing way to end the franchise back in ‘83. All the stakes were on the line and it led to some of the most intense moments ever in Star Wars history.


2. Revenge of the Sith: Here comes the hate. Revenge of the Sith is without a doubt, the best of the prequels. It introduced us to how Anakin Skywalker turned to the dark side and became Lord Vader. All of the action and intensity make this movie so great. 


1. The Empire Strikes Back: Yes, I know, I know it’s overrated, but it’s overrated in a      good way. Empire is the best movie in my eyes because of all the new things that are brought to the table. The movie introduces us to Yoda and Lando, two of the fan favorites in the series, and it brings so many iconic moments that make movie history. The Empire Strikes Back is, without a doubt, my favorite Star Wars movie of all time.

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