Teacher appreciation week

In recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week, the Generals’ Delivery staff gave out cards to students in order  to honor our teachers at Clarksville High School. We wanted to post some of the responses to recognize our teacher and the students who appreciate them.

“I appreciate Ms. Pangburn because I’m very glad we have a teacher who knows and loves music they way you do. You bring structure to our class and I feel lucky to get to learn all the things you know.” -Jasmine

“I appreciate Ms. Baumann because she has always been my favorite English teacher. She’s funny and a great teacher. Most of us make her deal with too much. Good teachers don’t deserve that.” -Alex C.

“I appreciate Mr. Ledbetter because he was the best gym coach and basketball coach. He has all dem jokes.” -Brooklynn A.

“I appreciate Ms. Short because she is super funny and a relatable teacher. She is nice and an understanding person. She actually want the best education for each of her students. She is caring and makes class fun and enjoyable. I love her!” -Autumn L.


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