Teacher appreciation week

In recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week, the Generals’ Delivery staff gave out cards to students in order  to honor our teachers at Clarksville High School. We wanted to post some of the responses to recognize our teacher and the students who appreciate them.

“I appreciate Ms. Essary because when I was going through a lot and Ms.Essary helped me through it. She has been a great role model to everybody in the school. She understands and listens. If you want to see growth go to her she’s grown so much throughout the year, and I appreciate everything you do Ms. Essary. Thank you!” – Carissa G.

“I appreciate Mrs. Payne because she’s always been kind and flexible with my assignments. She’s super understanding and always makes sure everyone feels comfortable with her and her assignments.” – Destiny W.

“I appreciate Ms. Short because she is caring, funny, nice, and genuinely a down to earth person. She cares so much about what she does, and she knows how to make her class fun, but also chill and laid back. I love Ms.Short!” – Brayden M.

“I appreciate Mr. Gasaway. I had him my freshman year. I was new to the school and I had an awful past with my math classes.I would always fail and Gasaway taught in a way I could finally understand. He even gave me my first high-five award! I miss Gasaway, I won’t forget him.” – Brooke M.

“I appreciate Ms. Pangburn because she came in halfway through the year and it wasn’t the best classes to teach, but she gives it her all to give us the education and experiences that we deserve. She puts us before herself and that makes her an amazing teacher.” – Ashton M.

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