Pre-show rituals

by Morgan Radlein

Before every show actors and actresses sometimes have rituals and little things they do to get ready for their performance. Most actors rest and go on vocal rest before a performance to rest their throat so that they can do their best on stage. Junior Kelly McCulloch, Bonnie in the winter production of Bonnie & Clyde, said she likes to rest a lot throughout the day of her performances. “I like to drink throat coat all day so that my throat is cleared and ready for the show that night,” McCulloch said on the day of the opening night of the production. Before the show, she sets all her props and runs through all of her lines to just reassure herself.

McCulloch also does vocal warmups with her co-star Ari Hart who plays Blanche in the show. Hart drinks throat coat and rests like McCulloch before the show and she also does her hair and makeup early so she is ready and doesn’t have to rush before call time. Hart also goes through her songs and practices them to warm-up as well.

Ethan Tackett, who played Clyde, just likes to go about his day like regular and not worry about the show so he doesn’t overthink. “Before call time I will go backstage and pre-set all of my props and go over my entrances and blocking so I don’t forget them during the show,”, Tackett said. Tackett being the lead he has a lot of props and quick changes during the show backstage so he has to preset them so that he can be ready for the next scene.

During every show each cast member has their own little things they like to do before the show for either good luck or just to make sure they do not mess up.

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