Turkey on the lanes

   Although the bowling team is new they have already accomplished a few things such as having a winning season and a region record set by Nick Williams, a senior on the varsity bowling team. One of the highest bowling scores for the season so far in our region was a 255. He had a few Turkeys during the game, which are when bowlers bowl three strikes in a row.
    The score was close to the top scores in the state.”I was pretty proud of my score. I listened to my coaches and adjusted my throw and angles. I believe that my hard work paid off especially during that game,”  Williams said. His hard work and dedication allowed him to match up to others scores in the state.
    As of this season alone, there are already six bowlers who have bowled a perfect game of 300 in the state. There are also approximately 15 other students in the state who have bowled in the 290s.  Clarksville’s bowling team is making a name for itself and showing up the competition. Currently the team is undefeated and will take on Providence tonight at 4 p.m.


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