Fun Holiday Outings

Photo from Lights Under Louisville at Louisville Mega Cavern

Getting stuck in the house over winter break because of icy roads and cold snow are a bummer. There are many holiday events going on so that families can enjoy the two week break doing something other than playing in the snow.

For the past few years, Jeffersonville has built an ice rink on Spring Street, a block from the river. The rink sponsors various events such as skate with Santa, skate with Olaf and teen nights. This would make for a very cold, but interesting night out on the ice. There also many restaurants right around that area to go in, get warm and have dinner. At least one night during December, Jeffersonville merchants usually run a promotion where people who bring a receipt from dining that night in downtown Jeff get a discount on admission and skate rental at the rink.

Paoli Peaks is also a fun place to learn how to ski and snowboard. They also have a lift that goes to the top of the hill to get dropped off. Sledding or tubing down are both options to take.

Driving around neighborhoods trying to find Christmas lights to look at can become very frustrating when only two houses in the whole neighborhood are decorated. Lights under Louisville goes underground from the comfort of the car to look at Christmas lights and listen to Christmas music.

In Charlestown Community Park, there is a free light show for all children and families to enjoy. There is a train and horse carriage to ride. There is more than 200,000 lights hooked up all controlled by a light and sound system to make the magic really happen for the little ones. “Charlestown light show is one of my favorite places to go. Between the lights, the horse carriage ride and the train ride there is never a dull moment,” junior Kaitlynn Lee said.

There are even more holiday events going on throughout our communities and neighboring communities for families to enjoy. Tis’ the season for fun filled memories with family and friends.


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