Lamar has record breaking season

by Ethan Neal

Clarksville High School running back Robert Lamar has become a household name in Southern Indiana. With a first-round sectional win over Mitchell, Lamar’s impressive 266 yards rushing and 5 touchdowns edged him past 2000 rushing yards on the season, a feat never reached in a single season by a Clarksville running back.

 Along with breaking the school rushing record, he widened his gap on first place in the state in rushing yards. With 2055 yards for the year, he has an over 200-yard gap on second place running back Kyle Turanchick of Oak Hill High School. 

This entire year has been one for the record books for Lamar. Along with the single-season rushing record, he also has broken Tito Mayfield’s single-season touchdown record and single-season points record. 

Tito Mayfield was surprised the record lasted so long, saying, “I assumed with the development of training and technology, the records would have been long gone.”

It took over 20 years for the record to finally fall, and in that time, no one really came close. With Lamar only getting better, the record will probably widen by next year. In the same sense as Mayfield, the humble Lamar sees the record also being broken. In fact, he’s excited for it to be broken. 

“Breaking the records has felt great, just knowing that my record is going to be the next goal for another great running back after me,” Lamar said. 

What did both players say contributed to their success? Great coaching.

Mayfield said, “The late Dennis Hawkins believed in me and gave me an opportunity to compete as a Freshman.”

Lamar said something similar, saying, “Coaching has helped me be successful by my coaches always encouraging me to keep going. No matter what was going on outside of football, or even if it was a bad game, my coaches always encouraged me and gave me these goals to reach for. ”

What may seem like an individual record, is in reality a team effort. Lamar says, “The team contributed by putting the work in out on the field to help get my yardage up. A lot of my teammates were also very encouraging during the games and in practice.”

Coach Boser added on, saying, “The rushing record I believe is one of the best team individual records there is because you have to have five linemen blocking for you.” 

While already breaking records, there is still one up for grabs. Tito Mayfield’s career rushing yards has still yet to be broken, with over 3760. Lamar is only nine off, totaling 3751 yards.

As for next season, the sky is the limit for Lamar. “My goals for next season are to improve in other areas, instead of just my rushing yards. But of course, I want to increase my rushing yards and break my own record for my senior year,” Lamar said.

Coach Justin Boser said, “Absolutely he can sustain it, he’s continuing to work hard, he’s gonna get healthy this offseason, many of those linemen will be back as well.”

With Lamar still having another season left to play, he is truly cementing himself as a Clarksville legend.

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