CHS students post-Coronavirus diagnosis

Throughout the 2020-2021 school year, Clarksville High School has had several positive cases of the Coronavirus. Those who have recovered from COVID-19 and are back in school, are living their life day by day with precautions. Sophomore Savanah Appell and junior Dakota Capps are just two of the students who have recovered from the virus. 

“I felt really scared. I didn’t know how many others I gave it to. I also didn’t know how bad it could get for me, or for my mom. I actually had it even worse than my mom even though I am younger and probably had a better immune system,” Appell said.

Because all bodies are different, there have been vast varieties of experiences when it comes to COVID-19. In some people, the virus causes more severe symptoms like high fever, severe cough and shortness of breath. Appell experienced more severe symptoms “I lost my smell, I had a sore throat, bad headaches and body aches. I was super tired all the time and I was always sweating,” she said. For others, there can be no symptoms or something like a headache or fatigue. Capps was on the less severe side of things. “I just had a bad headache,” Capps said.

 With the Coronavirus, comes quarantining.  “I was mad cause I had to miss my first basketball game,” said Capps. “Some activities I missed are going to school and the main thing I missed was lifting.”

Testing positive for COVID-19 means that one gets cut off from everyone and everything including friends and outside activities. Capps unfortunately missed out on a bunch of school along with his first basketball game of the season. In addition to staying home, he was accompanied by his brother and his friend. As for Appell, hers was uneventful because she was unable to do much. She was quarantined with her mom and dad with whom she often argued with over the several days she was stuck inside. 

“I try to, but I just do regular activities and do the same before I even had COVID,” said Appell. 

Now that both of these students are COVID-19 free, they were able to return to normal life. Both seem to be taking the same amount of precautions or maybe even a little less. “Not for real because I’m immune for a certain amount of months,” said Capps. “ I would be taking more precautions after the immune is gone because I know the seriousness of it and I don’t wanna miss any sports activities or games.”

Both of these CHS students and a few others have had their own personal experiences with the Coronavirus, some worse than others. Luckily for Capps and Appell, they had a mild form, but it is no question that these experiences have led both parties to live a more cautious life until the pandemic is over.

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