Halloween can not be stopped, even by a pandemic

written by De’Airel Baker

Halloween is a very fun and memorable night for all kids. There’s always lots of excitement and anticipation as kids dress up as their favorite character and collect candy. This year, COVID-19 has hit the globe in the gut. Fortunately, Indiana has been cleared to stage 5, the final reopening stage that means everywhere around Indiana can be at full capacity (while wearing masks). The question is, will Halloween get cancelled before it even gets here?

Everyone has their opinions on whether or not Indiana should get a Halloween. Some say no because they just want to be safe. Some say yes because they could not imagine Halloween without candy and haunted houses. I believe Indiana should get a Halloween. Indiana should get a Halloween because we, as a community, have already missed out on so much. As long as people are being safe, I see no harm in one. For some, this is their very first or very last Halloween. Trick-or-treating is one of the best nights for a kid. They get to run around and get as much candy as their little bags can carry. Although, even if you are not going up to the houses, I feel like families should definitely still take precautions and make sure everyone is safe.

As people make their decisions to participate in Halloween activities, especially ones with big groups, they should definitely come up with a plan. The top priority for everyone should be to wear a mask and social distance as much as possible. Keep wipes or hand sanitizer with you everywhere you go and frequently use them. Also, maybe If you know that the streets will be packed with kids, adults, and teens, you could plan a different route for your family. 

For those who do not want to go out, there are other, maybe even more fun options. For example, a small costume party for the kids with games to compete for candy. You could make fall recipes or create Halloween crafts to hang around the house. Some could even have a haunted family game night or a movie night and create their own little trick-or-treating event inside the house. It may be boring, but with the right family and friends you will have a nice time.

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