Editorial: Post fall break virtual plan

written by Kelsey Pease

Similar to last year, this year there will only be one week of fall break. Traditionally, fall break consists of travel, family gatherings and hanging out with friends. These plans are not likely to change for some families, even in the middle of a pandemic. At this point in time, it is far too late to extend this small vacation. However, it is not too late to adopt a two-week virtual learning plan for after fall break. 

With people traveling, seeing family and going out and about more than usual there will undoubtedly be more cases of the Coronavirus. It just isn’t something the administration can control. Something that is in their control is the precautions they choose to take to keep themselves, their loved ones and their students safe. Having a two-week virtual period can help limit exposure and prevent a large outbreak of the virus, which in time, will cause the schools to shut down anyways. 

In addition, these two weeks can offer some time for students to settle back in at home and ease their way back into school. It can be chaotic coming home from vacation and having to get up the next morning and go to school. This virtual time will help that transition. Also, it will give students more time to relax and enable them to spend more time at home with their families, pets and themselves.  

Overall, even just one virtual week after fall break can help students, staff and their families tremendously.  It will help limit exposure, preventing a large outbreak of COVID-19. Also, it can help decrease stress and improve overall mental health, which can be all over the place in the middle of a pandemic. 

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