A student’s opinion on the CCR schedule change

written by Sara Vaughn

In the 2019-2020 school year, CCR was a class scheduled every day of the week. Students would either have it before or after lunch. Now that the new school year has arrived, CCR is  being scheduled once a week on Fridays during alternating periods. 

 I personally feel like this change could be far more beneficial to students than the old way. CCR is a class that is supposed to prepare you for college or a career, but in my previous years I was never really helped with any of that or taught any of the important information I would need. My CCR would have all of us fill out our grades once a quarter and write down our goals for the new school year. We wouldn’t really do anything else the rest of the year and I felt like it was a huge waste of potential the class had to prepare students for their future. I believe CCR should be used to help individual students find colleges and scholarships. This can also include giving information about standardized testing and the most affordable options. Teachers could also talk about the amount of money that can be made in certain fields so that students get into a career that ensures them success. These options can help both older and younger students. 

Having the class only once a week may give staff more time to plan lessons easier and find new ways to help the students rather than giving kids busy work every other day. I feel like this new change can also give students some variety in their tedious week. Having the same classes every single day can be very boring. With CCR alternating every week, it can add something interesting to everyone’s schedule. 

Although, the one issue that could arise with this new schedule is that students won’t have as much time to use it as a study hall period. Since my class never did a lot of work there, the time spent was used to catch up on other classes. Now that the time is limited for many students, especially for prosser, grades could suffer. The class is .5 credits a semester, so if students miss too much of the class their G.P.A. could drop as welI.

Overall, I believe the rotation can either give teachers more time to help students with subjects like career readiness or will end up making students do busywork and make it harder to complete this work because of how less CCR will be taken. This is a problem especially for seniors who are going to graduate soon and don’t have the proper guidance they need. Hopefully, CCR can manage and do their best to help students adjust properly. With many worries in place it’s important for CCR to step up and become the college and career readiness class it was always supposed to be. 

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