Lucifer season 5 review

written by McKenzie Murdoch

We have long awaited the return of one of our favorite Netflix shows: Lucifer. Part one of season five was released on August 21, 2020. Season five took a different route than previous seasons by having two separate parts. Despite this change, it currently remains the number one show on Netflix in the United States, today. At first, season five of Lucifer was going to be the last. Now, there will be a second part to season five on top of also getting a season six. It was reported that season six will be the last season, unfortunately. I think this show is one of the best on Netflix and deserves more seasons than it is getting. 

Lucifer follows the story of a man named Lucifer Morningstar, played by Tom Ellis, a club owner, who is actually the devil. Condemned to rule Hell by his father, God, until he got bored, so he opened a nightclub called Lux located in Los Angeles. One night there is a murder and Lucifer is connected to the victim because he is the only witness who survived, therefore he becomes involved with the LAPD, meeting Detective Chloe Decker, portrayed by Lauren German. Lucifer then becomes interested in Chloe and her job solving murders, and insists he comes along to help. Lucifer uses his persuasive powers in efforts to help solve murders. The thought of playing a part in solving murders and bringing the killers to justice is appealing to Lucifer. He likes the idea of doing something good, since the Devil is always perceived as bad. 

The intriguing thing for Lucifer is that his powers to reveal people’s deepest desires does not work on Chloe, making her even more of a mystery. Lucifer also claims he has immortality, which he does around other people, but doesn’t have when he is around her. The theory was proved when Chloe shot Lucifer in the leg and he began bleeding. 

Lucifer did not come from Hell to Earth alone. He brought a demon with him, who has always been close to Lucifer. Mazikeen, played by Lesley-Ann Brandt, is somewhat of a loyal servant to Lucifer, always looking out and protecting him. Throughout the season we are also introduced to Doctor Linda Martin (Rachael Harris), Lucifer’s therapist. Along with Amenadiel, Lucifer’s brother (D.B. Woodside) and Dan (Kevin Alejandro), who is Chloe’s ex-husband and the father of Chloe’s child, Trixie. Ella, a forensic scientist played by Aimee Garcia and finally, Charlotte (Tricia Helfer), a lawyer whose body was inhabited by Lucifer’s mother at one point.

While I personally think this show is amazing most of the time, I still notice that it has its faults. Of course, the end of season four left us with a cliffhanger. After defeating the demons that were after baby Charlie, Linda and Amenadiel’s son, to make him the new king of Hell he was finally safe, but only for now. Lucifer then realizes he needs to return to Hell for the sake of the people he cares about, in attempts to stop a prophecy from becoming fulfilled. Chloe then admitted to Lucifer that she loves him, only for him to still return to Hell. 

Season five opens up with Lucifer still in Hell only a few months after he left, with Chloe missing him and dealing with being abandoned after she just confessed her love to him. Even Ella is upset at his departure, especially since he didn’t say goodbye. We also see Maze going through the same problems because not only did Lucifer leave her, but Eve did too. Eve (Inbar Lavi) was a new character in season four who became somewhat of a love interest for Maze.  

It was revealed to viewers that Lucifer has a twin, Micheal. Which to me was simply a knockoff, American version of Lucifer. Who tries to convince everyone that he is the real Lucifer. That part for me was worthless. The differences between the two were too easy to distinguish and obviously Chloe picked up on it. It honestly seemed a little rushed in the beginning. I wished Lucifer stayed down ruling Hell a little longer, and that we could have seen a bigger impact that Lucifer’s absence left amongst the other characters. I also thought Chloe figured out that Micheal wasn’t Lucifer too quickly. 

I really enjoyed seeing more of Linda’s past, with her first opening up to Maze. Although, Maze didn’t handle what Linda told her very well and definitely should have tried to be more understanding, but considering what internal battles she was dealing with, I guess some leniency is allowed. I am just glad that Linda got to open up to someone she trusts, especially with such a vulnerable topic. Another thing that I was happy to see was how Dan was dealing with Charlotte’s death. I am happy that at least he is being productive about it instead of falling into bad habits.

I definitely wish there were more scenes with Maze and Trixie. I think the bond that has been created there is very special and is underrated and not showcased enough, or at least more scenes with Trixie and her parents, including how she is impacted in regards to Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship. I enjoyed seeing scenes with Charlie and his parents, and even Lucifer taking on the role of uncle when Charlie was crying. 

At least this season also came with some different partner pairings, like Chloe and Amenadiel. I was happy to see them work on a case together. We did get to see Dan and Lucifer work together once again. I would love to see the producers explore more pairings like this. I would have liked to see Ella more active in the beginning of the season. They didn’t really make her as active until the last few episodes. I also don’t really want her to figure out that Lucifer is actually the Devil. I feel like that would derail the character too much, especially considering her previous problems with religion and how Chloe reacted. 

I feel like they draw out Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship, like I just want them to get together and to stop all the things blocking them from staying together. I did enjoy seeing Lucifer getting jealous, it was very funny at some points. I think it’s adorable how much he cares about this relationship and asks for advice from others. It really shows he cares about Chloe and doesn’t want to mess it up.   

I was happy to see a sensitive, emotional side to Dan. Where he confided out loud at Charlotte’s grave. The actions of Dan in the later episodes of this season makes his character questionable and very disliked. At least he is trying to make up for it in the end. 

Season five introduced us to Pete, who turned out to be not who we thought he would. Finding out the truth about him would hurt less if his actions didn’t affect one of the main characters and one of my personal favorites, but the ending to this season was not good enough. I heard everyone saying how good it was, but I was very disappointed. While there was somewhat of a cliffhanger, it definitely wasn’t a good one compared to the previous season’s endings. 

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