A sophomore’s perspective on the current circumstances

written by Mckenzie Murdoch

     The pandemic of COVID-19 has caused much frustration, anger, and longing among people all around the globe. Especially with quarantine, social-distancing, and the turn to e-learning for the average student. I could not even imagine what the seniors of the education system are going through, whether they are in high school or college. I am only a sophomore going into my junior year so it is different for me, and has affected me in a different way than most.  

     COVID-19 began in China and I honestly thought it would never reach the United States. I really did not know what to expect. Part of that, I believe, is due to the fact that we were not properly taught about what it really was. Even when it was a current event in China and becoming a concern in relation to its spreading, the most teachers have done to really try and bring the topic of the Coronavirus into the learning environment, is by having us write essays on our feelings. This was only after it caused the economy to shut down. The information I have found out was due to being forced to watch the news because it’s the only thing to watch before the better shows. In doing this, I just realized how the news isn’t always straightforward on what is going on and how us as students always have to inquire about current events and it’s still not always explained in depth. I agree that communication with students is important, but I also feel like it is important to educate students about current issues in the world. 

     Coronavirus has caused us to be under self-quarantine and practice social distancing. This has been a rough transition. One day, we were all allowed to go out with no restrictions. The next day we get told that we can not really go out at all. I feel like this was a shock to a lot of people and it made them panic. By this, I mean how people went out buying food, and overbuying things that weren’t super necessary. I felt that took the products away from people who actually needed those items. My family didn’t really panic buy, but we are also a small family and don’t really need much. 

     COVID-19 caused schools around the country to close, along with businesses. Schools switched to e-learning in efforts to finish out the year.  I was excited about e-learning because it resembles homeschooling and it gave me the chance to sleep in. Also, it took away the stress of school and gave me the time to do my work in the comforts of my own home on my own time table. Although, these feelings only lasted a little while because I actually miss the routine school gave me, but still I am glad to be given more free time to do more things that I wouldn’t have had the time to do while still in school. 

     During quarantine I feel like I have done a few new things like starting a garden and reading some new books. I have thought about doing a lot of other new things, but I haven’t gotten around to it. I contemplated cutting my hair, but I feel like there are too many people doing that nowadays so I decided against it. If I choose to do anything with my hair, I would dye it or cut the length. I also took on learning new hobbies like sewing and crocheting. Hopefully, I will be able to do more things and explore more hobbies as time passes. 

     It seems like COVID-19 is slowing down, but it is not going to completely disappear. Not until we stay calm and continue to practice social distancing. Until then, you won’t see me at the store standing next to someone I don’t personally know. Although, I may have different colored hair. 

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