Positive outlooks of COVID-19

written by Jessie Stevens

     When the 2020 year began, a large and infective pandemic took the world by storm. Today there are about 182,442 cases now. Schools, bars, restaurants, and small businesses were shut down so infection wouldn’t get worse.Although the negative still outweighs some of the positives, things have begun to look up

     While the number of sick people is still very high, communities are starting to recover after being sick. In the world there are now 79,211 recovered cases. The most popular country, China, was the birthplace of COVID-19 (coronavirus) spreading via human contact. After a month or two of sickness, in China there are more people that recovered from the virus than the people who are infected with it. Also, air pollution over Northern Italy has drastically dropped.

     Shutting down schools made students happy, at first. Even though they are home everyday, work is still forced upon them which will still be graded like normal work. In school and at home kids are distracted by various things, making them behind in work or in trouble by their actions. On the brightside, students can take this opportunity to catch up on work they have missed, but also they can take care of themselves, mentally. For teachers, they don’t have to assign lunch detention or after school detention, they can just assign work online and hope that students can complete the activities. Also, they have more time for themselves and their own lives. 

     There may not be a lot of positive things right now, but we can still focus on these kinds of topics. People worry too much about the negative effects, which is fine, but there are positive things. You just have to look for them. Bad things can have positive outlooks. We  just have to keep pushing through the situation at hand. In the future, more positive things will happen, we will just have to wait, patience is key.

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