A football player’s views on the NFL draft

written by Dae’von Fuqua

     Just like about everything else right now, the NFL draft was not the same this year because of COVID-19. All team facilities are closed and almost every person involved in the draft worked from home. The NFL draft usually takes place in a large city with football fans in the audience where the NFL Commissioner announces the draft picks. This was not the case. 

     In my opinion, it was really weird how they were basically FaceTiming just to draft a player. I feel like the players that got drafted didn’t like that it had to be that way and not like the other NFL drafts. The draft definitely went a lot faster too because the players didn’t get interviewed about their background and how much of an honor it was to be in the NFL like they normally did.The players wouldn’t be able to go enjoy the big moment by partying or celebrating because of the lockdown from the Coronavirus. Also, I feel a lot of people didn’t even watch it because they figured it wouldn’t be as interesting. 

     At the end of the day, I’m just glad they still had some type of draft because the players definitely deserved it. Although, the way they did it lacked the usual excitement. It was just boring. Despite it, I’m still excited to watch these new players grow and just get better. 

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