A student-athlete’s thoughts on the sports shutdown

written by Dae’von Fuqua

     The Coronavirus is a really big deal and people are taking it as a joke. This virus is spreading so fast and most states are practicing social-distancing. Can you imagine if they were still allowing college and pro-sports to continue with all those people going? The number would be insanely high. This virus has one of the fastest rates with cases than most viruses. Covid-19 has caused more deaths than 9/11. In the sports world, the response to the COVID-19 threat was to shut everything down. I believe this was a smart decision.

     The NCAA being cancelled has caused an uproar amongst its fans. The ones who are angry at this decision don’t really know how good of an idea it is. The stadiums are extremely large and hold a lot of people. If one person was to have the Coronavirus it would spread rapidly and result in a humongous issue and a dramatic difference in how the prevention of COVID-19 would have been handled, saving hundreds of lives. 

     There have been more than 138,836 confirmed cases discovered in New York. At least 5,489 people have died from the virus ,which has the largest number around 40% of confirmed cases in the U.S. Members of New York’s basketball team since have tested positive for the virus. One of the cases for the New York Knicks is James Dolan, the owner. Another person from the Knicks is Christian Wood. Other NBA teams have had members diagnosed with COVID-19. So, if they would have been allowed to play, they would have given it to other players and coaches. Without the sports shutdown, more people would’ve died just because they wanted to watch a basketball game. I don’t think it is hurting too much to temporarily put a pause on sports   

     Hundreds of people crowd into those stadiums. Hundreds of people touch things and hundreds more touch those same spots. It can take up to two weeks to show symptoms of CVOID-19, which is why I’m glad the sport directors are taking this seriously and shutting everything down.I agree with how they are thinking one hundred percent. In doing this they saved thousands of people from being infected and saved several lives in addition. 

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