Greenhouse Academy season four reveiw

written by McKenzie Murdoch

     The ending of season three for Greenhouse Academy left viewers wondering about the fate of two main characters, and season four is finally here with the answers. Season four of Greenhouse Academy premiered March 20, 2020 and was created by Giora Chamizer. Greenhouse Academy is known for displaying strong female characters, who are smart and often get out of trouble by themselves, along with good and reliable male characters throughout all four seasons. 

     The first episode of season four comes on strong with all the emotions of the previous season’s cliffhanger present. We still have all the same main characters of season three, as the students of the Academy investigate who is trying to make innocent people sick by poison. Only one person has the cure and the mastermind behind the whole operation is not finally revealed until the last episode.

     While season one and two seemed less involved in the real danger factor, I felt season three and four connected a lot of the stories viewers were waiting to see. Although, I disliked how unrealistic some of the scenes were. I also wished there were new characters for season four, as all of the earlier seasons introduced at least one new character each time. On top of that, we only saw one returning character at the end of the season, and he wasn’t even a good character to begin with. Season four just really felt like another part of season three broken into parts.

     I was glad to see Alex Woods (Finn Roberts) and Brooke (Danika Yarosh) reconnecting, but I felt it was distasteful how there were some recurring plotlines being used, like the love triangle between Hayley (Ariel Mortman), Leo (Dallas Hart), and Daniel (Chris O’Neal), that seemed to go on for forever. Fortunately, in the final episode it seems to be resolved. Hayley not only makes her choice as to who she wants to be in a relationship with, but also finally chooses the house she wants to be in, Eagles or Ravens.

     Throughout the show Hayley and Leo are constantly dealing with life and death situations because their blood holds the antidote for the poison initially making them sick in season three’s finale. This just reinforces Leo and Hayley’s connection.

     On the other spectrum of the characters we have Jason Osmond, played by Yiftach Mizrahi, who was one of the characters initially part of season one. He is Brooke Osmond’s brother therefore being Louis Osmond’s (Parker Stevenson) son. Louis was the headmaster of Greenhouse Academy during the first two seasons. Throughout season three and four, I liked how Jason was struggling with figuring out if he should be good or bad. Although, the final choice he makes is more than disappointing. On another note, through all of season four it turns out that the ‘bad guy’ isn’t who viewers thought and when the true villain is finally revealed, it will leave fans completely shocked. 

     I felt the relationship between Sophie (Cinthya Carmona) and Enzo (Rafael Cebrian) ended and I didn’t like how it was often portrayed as toxic. I feel like his character could have been better if viewers had more backstory and if he would have had more scenes. Sophie was able to reconnect with her friends from earlier seasons, like Brooke and Parker (BJ Mitchell), who is now more than her friend.

     The last episode felt mainly complete, the cliffhanger was not as detrimental as those of previous seasons. Possibly and hopefully in season five, viewers will get a deeper description of who Jason is and why he is who he is. I hope to see some returning characters from season one like Judy Hayward, played by Nadine Ellis. While a fifth season has not been confirmed for Greenhouse Academy, the creators said they would love to produce one. We are just waiting for Netflix to renew the show, which is likely due to its popularity.

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