Prom update

written by Monica Franklin

     Due to COVID-19 school events, such as spring sports games, are being cancelled and some are just being rescheduled like prom. Prom was originally supposed to take place April 25. Hoping to avoid a cancellation, prom sponsors Kelly Short and Stephanie Pedro have worked with 300 Spring in Jeffersonville to reschedule the event to June 5. 

     Since enacting social distancing recommendations, most juniors and seniors are hoping to have a prom at all. Senior Kirsten Cummings said, “ I am beyond disappointed. I didn’t expect senior year to be like this at all, I just hope we can still have it at a later date.” 

     The prom committee has been planning details for prom and getting things set since January. Short, one of the prom sponsors, said “Given what’s been going on with the coronavirus and social distancing, it was decided during our first week off from school that we should reschedule prom in hopes that if we could push it back far enough we might be able to have one. I called our venue, 300 Spring, to work with them on finding a new date. We settled on Friday, June 5.” 

     Prom is one of those things that girls look forward to all through high school and often buy their dresses early in the school year. 

      This year’s prom was mid-term graduate senior Nikki Hatfied’s last and she already bought her dress. She said “I’m kind of upset that it’s being pushed back because I haven’t even got my tickets. I love my dress and I am glad that I have it, I just hope that prom doesn’t get pushed further due to people not following the CDC’s orders.”

     The date of prom is now June 5, it will still take place at 300 Spring at 7 p.m.-11 p.m.

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