Staying connected during social distancing

written by Summer Neal

     During the times of social distancing and self quarantine, life can start to feel a little lonely when talking to the same three people for three weeks. But, there are so many ways to connect with neighbors, family, or friends no matter where they are. 

Here are just 5 ways to stay connected during the pandemic:

  1. Participate in live video chat calls

There are hundreds of free apps that allow for groups of people to all talk to and see each other at the same time. Apps like Zoom and Skype let you connect with people who you can’t see due to social distancing, and even people you haven’t talked to in years. You can catch up with old friends or family that live hundreds of miles away.

  1. Go for an outdoor recreational activity

Take a walk around your neighborhood and catch up with your neighbors from the sidewalk while staying six feet apart of course. You can check up on the older members of your community while still participating in social distancing. Taking a walk, riding a bike or skateboard, going for a jog and many other activities can also help you stay active while stuck in the house. 

  1.  Make mini care packages

With loads of extra time, many people are turning to baking to pass some time. Package up some of your sweet treats and leave them on family members or neighbors doorsteps to brighten their day. These packages don’t just have to be filled with baked goods, but can also have sentimental objects like old pictures, homemade arts and crafts and anything that reminds you of that person.

  1. Write a letter

While technology has taken over, good ole snail mail still exists. If a loved one or friend doesn’t have access to technology and lives far enough away you can’t go on a walk to visit them, write a letter and mail it to them. Getting mail, especially a handwritten note, can brighten up any person’s day especially if it is from someone they love. 

  1. Bond with the people in your house

While younger siblings can get to be annoying sometimes, self isolation can be a perfect time to get to know them better. Anything from playing board games together, helping them with their eLearning work to just having a family dinner can help you not go insane in these times of craziness in the world.

     Since social distancing and self quarantine have become the norm, it helps to reach out to others. Reconnecting to family and connecting to others going through the same thing may be the positives that comes out of this situation the World has been put in. This pandemic doesn’t have to be all depressing and can have some positives to it as long as you look at it the right way. 


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