Greenhouse Academy Season Three Review

written by McKenzie Murdoch

  Greenhouse Academy

   Greenhouse Academy has just premiered with its third season on Netflix. Starting in 2017 with season one, it has returned with actors Ariel Mortman, Finn Roberts, Dallas Hart, and Chris O’Neal.  

    Greenhouse Academy focuses on two siblings, Hayley Woods and Alex Woods, who had just suffered the death of their mother, and in their times of grief, Alex has convinced himself he needs to attend the boarding school his mother attended in her teenage years, where she made many scientific discoveries that made her well known in the community. The Greenhouse is known for the leaders it produces like, politicians, lawyers, and in the case of Hayley’s and Alex’s mother, an astronaut.  

     The students of the Greenhouse, once accepted, are then divided into two houses: the Eagles or the Ravens. The Eagles still focus on brains, but they are the jocks of the school. Like cheerleaders and basketball players. While the Ravens are the brains. Both houses were very competitive with each other, and now both of them have new additions, Alex with the Eagles, and Hayley with the Ravens, amongst others like Max (Benjamin Papac), Jackie (Jessica Amlee), and Emma (Aviv Buchler), In addition, the sibling rivalry between Hayley and Alex is increased  by the desire of each house to win.

     As the year goes on, odd things start happening at the Greenhouse, which the headmaster and teachers there seem to ignore. So, it is up to the kids. The kids suspect someone is creating earthquakes for personal gain because they want to get richer. To do this they need something called magnetite, so kids from both houses set aside their differences and work together to stop whoever is creating the earthquakes and to protect their school. 

     When watching the show, a lot of the viewers noticed that some of the scenes were unrealistic, and did not look natural. Although, I can appreciate the attempts of making the show more dramatic so they could expand their target audience. Also, many of the viewers are upset that some of the characters that were in seasons one and two would not be returning for season three, and finding out some of my favorite characters were not going to be returning made me hesitant to continue the show. For example, Jackie Sanderson, Emma Geller, and Grace Osmond. The actress playing Grace Osmond, Grace Van Dien, left and they brought in new actress, Danika Yarosh. The same scenario happened with Emma Geller, originally portrayed by Aviv Buchler for seasons one and two and Dana Melanie for season three. Everyone agrees that the actors and actresses playing the characters originally better suit them rather than bringing on someone new in the middle of the show.

     The writers of Greenhouse Academy are known to leave us with cliffhangers at the end of each season, and it is something I personally look forward to. So, while viewers can expect them at this point, they always find ways of keeping us on the edge of our seats, and this season was no different.  Season three by far had the most betrayals you would never see coming, and possible deaths. Some might say this season has the best cliffhanger out of all the others. Especially since, we still aren’t sure who Hayley will want to be with because she is struggling to choose between the Eagles and the Ravens or even if some characters will be returning for season four.

     Now, many have already finished all eight episodes of season three and want answers to the questions asked. Good thing it has already been revealed to the public that there will be a season four, which had been filmed alongside season three. All we are waiting for is the release date.

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