Things to do during the holidays

As the holidays are fast approaching many of us are getting ready for final exams, mid-term graduation, and getting ready for holiday break? Many are probably wondering what can I do over break to keep myself entertained?

There is nothing better than laying in bed on a cold snowy day enjoying hot chocolate and good food while binge watching favorite TV shows and movies, but for those who want to get up and move around here are some fun and simple things to do while  on Christmas break.

Everyone loves food, so look up some fun recipes and cook with  friends and family.

Shopping, I’m sure there is some holiday shopping that you haven’t finished yet or you simply just want that new iPhone x or some clothes or makeup from Sephora, so get some close friends and enjoy a day  of shopping followed by lunch or a nice dinner.

The holidays are a time to be thankful for what you have because many people may not be as fortunate to have as much as you do, so dedicate a day and time to volunteer at  local shelters to serve food to the homeless or purchase some clothes, food, shoes, gift cards, and a variety of other items  to give out to people who don’t have as much. Nothing feels better than giving back for the holidays.

Plan a big road trip with family or friends to enjoy the holidays somewhere you have always wanted to visit.

Attend a concert. Check  local venues such as Mercury Ballroom, the YUM! Center and Kentucky Center for Arts to see if there are any good artists coming soon.

Go to some local attractions, such as Lights Under Louisville or Strike and Spare, get online and search the city and some local attractions that you can enjoy with those closest to you.

Have a friendsmas with your best friends, gather some food and drinks, some good music, a good TV show and have a secret Santa exchange.

Drive around and look at some Christmas lights.

The holidays are a great time to stay inside and relax, get out and find something fun and festive to do with your loved ones and also a great time to give back to those who may not be fortunate.  I hope that this list give you some ideas of some fun things to do this holiday season.

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