Teacher appreciation week

In recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week, the Generals’ Delivery staff gave out cards to students in order  to honor our teachers at Clarksville High School. We wanted to post some of the responses to recognize our teacher and the students who appreciate them.

“I appreciate Mrs. Payne she is one of the nicest and understanding teachers that there is. She’s an overachiever at her job and I wish more teachers were like Mrs. Payne. I also feel she actually cares about our grades too unlike some teachers who will just give you work with hardly any help.”     -Tim S.

“I appreciate Ms. Pangburn because she really loves music and cares about sharing her love of music with us. She is always pushing us to do better and achieve bigger and better things.”        -Samantha M.

“I appreciate Mrs. Vaughn because you’re nice and funny, here when I need to talk to you and you don’t put up with anymore and their behavior. Even though I only have you for CCR I appreciate you.”     -Antoinya B.

“I appreciate Ms. Embry because she is one of the most Sweetest, welcoming, and understanding teachers.”      -Samantha R.

“I appreciate Mr. Whicker because he was a very helpful teacher and coach.”     -Austin C.

“I appreciate Mrs. Holstine because she has helped my math skills grow a lot. I used to suck at math but now i’m better than ever. She brings my self esteem up a whole lot too.”  -Alex C.

“I appreciate Mr. Grubbs because you always motivate and try to reach out to the students others may have given up on.”       -Swifty

“I appreciate Mr. Keeler because he would talk to me if i was lonely. Also you are one of the best teachers. You know how to socialize with the students.”       -Brooklynn A.

“I appreciate Mrs. Bamforth because you helped through this year with my grades and my self confidence.”         -Katelyn B.

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