Lauryn’s steps to a perfect prom

Prom is just three weeks away, May 13th, and not everyone knows how to prepare. There are simple things to do that everyone knows, but there are also steps to take that aren’t considered as early as they should be. Here are some steps to help prepare for prom.


Step One –

It’s promposing season. Step one to preparing for prom is figuring out who you are going with. Even though most girls have already got a dress, guys need to find their date before getting a tux in order to color coordinate. Getting a date can be easy for those in a relationship but could be more complicated for those who aren’t. Keep in mind that going with a group of friends isn’t a bad thing because by the time prom starts everyone is dancing together anyways.


Step Two –

Like I said, there are many girls that have already fallen in love with a dress and bought it but for those who haven’t, the time is now. There are a lot of places that sell prom dresses and alterations usually take around a week or two so getting the dress in advance is a good call. KC Bridal, Regis, B Loved, David’s Bridal, and plenty of other places have a large variety of prom dresses to choose from and are decently close to Clarksville. Men’s Wearhouse is located on Veterans Parkway and is a go to for tuxes right now.


Step Three –

Other than the dress and the tux,there are other things to buy in order to prepare for prom. Buying tickets is very important because obviously you can’t get in without paying for them. Prom tickets go up in price the closer prom gets so when it comes to buying them, the sooner the better. Shoes, jewelry and possibly a clutch to carry personal items are all items girls usually buy for prom. Corsages are part of the prom tradition, which are the flowers worn on the girl’s wrist. Boutonnieres are worn by the boys on the front of their tux. These can be ordered from any flower arrangement shop.

Step Four –

Planning out the day of prom is very important especially for the girls. Hair and makeup takes a long time to perfect and setting appointments for these are good. Setting a time to take pictures somewhere should be done in advance to make sure there is time to get ready and be there on time. Most people go out to dinner before prom. Senior Benett McEwen offered advice to the juniors about prom, he said “don’t eat too much before prom or during prom because there will be tons of food at after prom”. There are quite a few local restaurants that sponsored after prom like b-dubs, Cheddars, Chick-fil-a, and a lot more.
These helpful steps will allow someone to pick a dress, a date, and dinner. Prom is an important experience of high school. It is full of friends and memories, good or bad, that everyone wants to look back on. Don’t miss out on the chance of a lifetime at prom 2017.

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