Survey Responses- Life skill classes

Regarding February 10th’s high school newspaper, there was an article over the idea of life skill classes being made available to schools. Under the story were open responses of Clarksville community members and their feelings about it.  The following are responses that didn’t make it to the article, but were just as important.

“Skills that will ACTUALLY help us, like how to file taxes, raise a child, etc. These should be taught because there are plenty of graduates that don’t know how to change a tire or a baby.”

“No matter what someone’s future plans are they will need to know about taxes, loans, and banking. Everyone has to borrow money from a bank at some point in their life.”

 “Analysis, synthesis, and organization. These are the most practical skills to carry over to college/workplace.”
“How to build credit. I think it would help me buy a nice house and stay in good credential standing.”
“Reading, writing, public speaking, math, accounting, budgeting, government, economics, organization. It would help our students get and keep jobs.”
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