Picture taken by Caitlyn Wright

Tuesday, the boys basketball team took on the Eastern Musketeers in the first round of sectionals. Many students came out to support the team and participated in the white out theme. The students cheered from warm-ups to the end of the game and it pumped the boys up to success.

Junior Murphy McEwen lead the team with 15 points followed by Christian Stewart with 14. “It didn’t really matter to me that I was the leading scorer I just did what my team needed me to do,” McEwen said. The team hopes to have a better defense during the game tonight to help insure a win.

The boys ended the game with the final score of 60-49 putting Clarksville in the second round of sectionals taking place today at Crawford County. The teams will face off during the second game of the night starting at 7:30 pm.

The student section plans on brightening up the gym with their school spirit by wearing all neon. So be sure to get together a bright outfit and get a ride to the game today! Students without transportation have the option of taking the fan bus to the game after paying a dollar and filling out the proper paperwork.
Good luck to the boys basketball team!!

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