“If you’re not ruffling someone’s feathers you’re not doing your job right”

It’s pretty sad, the uproar caused by someone simply stating her opinion that the girls deserve the same praise as the boys. In our community,  boys sports have much more support than girls sports. It is important to attend and support all genders, all sports and all activities in a small community such as ours.

An example of the inequity exists in the main gym. The wall is decorated with boys jerseys and banners, yet there is only one girls jersey displayed. If someone did not attend the school they might not even realize there are girls teams. There are senior banners for the boys hanging on the gym wall, but none of the girls’ basketball seniors or the lone cheer senior. After asking around, it was discovered that the girls coaches did not know this was an option.

The guest column posted two weeks ago drew attention to the unequal amount of support. All teams and activities should be supported and celebrated from all members of the community, so how do we do better?

It is the responsibility of the community and students to make sure that all groups are supported equally. People should try to make a better effort to attend games, concerts and plays while showing more school spirit in the process. Support and spirit for all groups will make all participants feel supported by their community.



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