SAT requirements

Students who are taking the SAT, be prepared to bring the following:

  • The Admission Ticket – a printed version
  • Picture ID – This may be a valid licensed ID or a 2016-17 school ID
  • Calculator – They will not be provided at the testing area
  • #2 Pencils – bring multiple in case one breaks

Students are encouraged to bring:

  • extra batteries for the calculator
  • A watch that DOES NOT make noise
  • snacks and drinks for the assigned break

Items that are prohibited in the testing room include:

  • any digital item – laptops, cameras, iPod’s or any MP3 player
  • notebooks, highlighters, rulers, or papers of any kind

Students should not forget to turn on all cellphones and allow the administrators to keep them throughout the test. Student should also eat breakfast and have a good night’s rest.

To learn more about what to expect during the SAT, click this link,

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