Homecoming Recap 2016

Homecoming, typically a time of traditions, was a little different this year with the addition of a homecoming dance and the Jeeps which drove the king and queen candidates around the track.

Athletic Director Jason Carter was the mastermind behind the dance. “I was kind of amazed that we didn’t have one. It is something that as a student I really enjoyed. I wanted our students to be able to have the same opportunities to make lasting memories that they can take with them after school,” Carter said.

Thanks to Carter, with the support of new principal Adrienne Goldman, students were able to hang out together after the game. The turnout was larger than Carter expected. “I was very surprised at how many students there were there. I knew, we as an administration, made the right decision to have the dance,” he said.

Homecoming events like spirit week and the halftime crowning ceremony are time honored traditions and part of the fun. Spirit week, planned by Student Council featured America Day, Superhero Day, Mismatch Day, Hawaiian Day and Battle of the Classes School Colors Day.

Although the Generals lost to the Salem Lions 6-48,  seniors Tyler Martin and Molly Sparkman were the big winners of the evening. “Being the third Sparkman to win homecoming during a football season makes me happy. I am glad to know people like our family,” Sparkman said. Sparkman’s older sister was football homecoming queen in 2014.

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photos contributed by: Selena Wolf, Brianna Brown, Maggie Baird, Carolyn Hawkins, Brittney Andres, Ana DeKorte

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