Listen up freshmen

Dear Freshmen,

Being in high school is hard enough as is and freshman year is a time of transition. Being in middle school is much different than being in high school, so getting some advice from someone has been through the ropes before may not be such a bad idea. Here are some general tips to get you started.


  •  Do not create unneeded drama.
  •  Do not chase boys. They aren’t important to you at the moment or ever really.
  •  Stop crowding bathroom mirrors, they are dirty and there is no reason to selfie in the dirty mirror
  •  The brand of your clothing, shoes, accessories does not matter. In a week, no one will remember what you wore anyway.


  •  She doesn’t care about your muscles, actually no one does.
  •  You might be good at sports but stop bragging about it,you’re a freshman.
  •  Your music is too loud, none of us care if you listen to what’s in.
  •  Stop trying to fight each other, you impress no one.

All Freshman 

  • Stop standing, yelling and acting up in the middle of the halls. Some people would like to get to class on time.
  • Your finals are easy as long as you study. You have to put effort in, in order to receive a good score.
  • Listen to the teacher, I promise they know what’s best. They are only trying to further your education.
  •  Start thinking about your future now, high school will fly by and if you don’t start now you’ll find yourself far behind.
  • Don’t be mean to your friends, it’s not cool.


A Senior who’s been there

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