Is Water Wet?

Recently, there has been a major controversy surrounding something that was once thought to be obvious. On social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, people have been posting something that was once considered blasphemous. Some people now believe that water is not wet, that it only makes other objects wet. They believe that water itself is not wet, that wet is what we describe our experience with water.

When most people initially heard about this theory, they were surprised. The argument for the side that believes water is wet is that it makes other objects wet so that itself is a wet substance. They believe that when an object is submerged in water that it is not wet until it comes out of the water. However, there are questions that can argue against this statement. When you step in a puddle of water, your shoe becomes wet while you are stepping in the puddle, and after you step outside of the puddle. So there is nothing else, other than the water that could have made your shoe wet, so water is wet. However, according to Google, water is not wet. Google states that wetness is just a description of the way we interpret water. Those that say water is wet state that they are simply appealing to logic, not the scientific argument.

This controversy has caused a major divide among students at Clarksville High School. Both sides of the argument believes that the other is ignorant and unreasonable for their stance. A poll was conducted about this vital issue. Out of the 50 students polled, 27 said water is wet and 23 said water is not wet. During the administration of this poll tensions ran high, arguments struck up between opposing sides with some students becoming offended.

Surprisingly, students have very strong opinions on this topic. Some students are so distraught by this significant question that it is difficult to even take a side. Sophomore Richard Wheatley said “Water is sometimes wet, and sometimes it isn’t. It depends on the surface that the water is on. In general however, I’m going to go with yes, water is wet. After you get out of the shower, your hair and body is wet. When you use a towel to dry off, the towel becomes damp. So the only thing that could make the towel wet would be the water.”

The fact is that this will continue to be an ongoing discussion in our nation and school for a long time to come. It appears that neither side is willing to change their opinion nor listen to reason, no matter what science or logic says. There are also many other questions that have been struck up that are similar to this that are also causing question. Including “Is air dry?” and “Is there one or two holes in a straw?” are questions that are also beginning causing conflict. It seems that these questions will never have an answer that people can agree on.

So readers, what do you think? Leave your comments and add to the social media conversation. Comments should be school appropriate.

FCC repeals Net Neutrality laws causes major controversy among Americans

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal net neutrality regulations on Thursday, Dec. 14. Net neutrality is the principle that preserves our right to communicate freely online. Without it, internet service providers (ISPs) can regulate and discriminate against what content is posted online. Without net neutrality rules in place, ISPs can interfere with web traffic, and pick and choose what people are allowed to say and do online.

The Net Neutrality policies Americans are accustomed to today, have been in place since 2015. The FCC adopted policies that gave internet users very strong protections, such as access to all legal content, and freedom of speech. These Net Neutrality policies were based on ISPs being classified as common carriers under Title 2 of the Communications Act. This states that a common carrier offers its services to the general public under license or authority provided by a regulatory body. Now that Net Neutrality laws have been repealed, these regulations are now limited, and ISPs have more power to regulate what is posted online.  Senior Dylan Dobson said, “I really don’t want to pay for entertainment that I can only find on the internet.” This is a genuine concern for some now that ISPs will be able to offer less services for more money. ISPs will now be able to block certain services they don’t want their consumers using. Comcast owns NBC Universal, which is a parent organization of the streaming service Hulu. This means if Comcast wanted to block its users from using Netflix, so they were more inclined to use Hulu, they could.

Net Neutrality is very important to internet users. Without Net Neutrality laws, it could become very hard for platforms to be found for; marketing, activism, entrepreneurship and more. The open internet is a vital part of the economy, which strengthens job growth and competition.

Although millions of Americans are outraged about the repeal of the Net Neutrality laws, some are not concerned with the change. Senior Samantha Martin said, “(I feel) apathetic. Net Neutrality wasn’t a thing before 2015, so I don’t think now that it is repealed there will be an issue now.” FCC Chairman Ajit Pai actually thinks this change will benefit consumers because ISPs will be able to provide a wider variety of services.

The FCC took this action to scrap the policies, despite the outcry of millions of Americans. Congress still has the power to overturn this decision. Below there is a link, that allows you to urge lawmakers to use a resolution of disapproval in order to overturn the repeal. This is a great way to take action against the repeal of Net Neutrality policies.

Christmas Sweater Contest

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The first ever Christmas Sweater Contest will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 19. There will be prizes available to those with the ugliest/tackiest, sweetest/prettiest and the most creative sweater.

 Judging for the teachers will be at 7:40 and the judging for students will be during lunches on Dec. 19 and the winners will be announced 5th period. It’s time to turn that holiday spirit on and sport a sweater.

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Student Council Food Drive

The Student Council sponsored a food drive for Clarksville Cares and other food banks in the area. They collected canned foods and non-perishable items such as granola bars, macaroni cups, pop tarts and ramen noodles. The drive started on Wednesday, Nov. 29 and ended Friday, Dec. 8.

Student Council was concerned about the well being of the members in the Clarksville community. Student Council President, sophomore Emily Curd was in charge of the discussion. “After talking with the other members of the Student Council, we all came to a consensus that the food drive would be the best thing to do. We wanted to do this because we thought it would be the easiest way to help members of our community in the ways they needed.”

For the meaningful purpose to help those in need of the supplies. The CCR who donated the most won pizza party to happen in the near future. The pizza party will be paid for by Student Council.  The winning CCR was science teacher Missy Esarey’s class. They collected over 300 items to be donated.

Things to do during the holidays

As the holidays are fast approaching many of us are getting ready for final exams, mid-term graduation, and getting ready for holiday break? Many are probably wondering what can I do over break to keep myself entertained?

There is nothing better than laying in bed on a cold snowy day enjoying hot chocolate and good food while binge watching favorite TV shows and movies, but for those who want to get up and move around here are some fun and simple things to do while  on Christmas break.

Everyone loves food, so look up some fun recipes and cook with  friends and family.

Shopping, I’m sure there is some holiday shopping that you haven’t finished yet or you simply just want that new iPhone x or some clothes or makeup from Sephora, so get some close friends and enjoy a day  of shopping followed by lunch or a nice dinner.

The holidays are a time to be thankful for what you have because many people may not be as fortunate to have as much as you do, so dedicate a day and time to volunteer at  local shelters to serve food to the homeless or purchase some clothes, food, shoes, gift cards, and a variety of other items  to give out to people who don’t have as much. Nothing feels better than giving back for the holidays.

Plan a big road trip with family or friends to enjoy the holidays somewhere you have always wanted to visit.

Attend a concert. Check  local venues such as Mercury Ballroom, the YUM! Center and Kentucky Center for Arts to see if there are any good artists coming soon.

Go to some local attractions, such as Lights Under Louisville or Strike and Spare, get online and search the city and some local attractions that you can enjoy with those closest to you.

Have a friendsmas with your best friends, gather some food and drinks, some good music, a good TV show and have a secret Santa exchange.

Drive around and look at some Christmas lights.

The holidays are a great time to stay inside and relax, get out and find something fun and festive to do with your loved ones and also a great time to give back to those who may not be fortunate.  I hope that this list give you some ideas of some fun things to do this holiday season.