Sleeping senior year away by Morgan Radlein

Senior Austin Swift made it through senior without being caught sleeping, but can’t say that for some of his fellow classmates. Austin took time during class to take pictures of the kids sleeping, which became his special thing. Whenever someone would fall asleep and wake up they would be asking to see if he took one. Here is a collection of some of the students he caught sleeping during class.

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2016-2017 Issues

This is a collection of the print issues the newspaper staff has completed this school year. Throughout the staff changes and incoming deadlines that seemed to come sooner then expected we all came together to get the issue done, even if it meant that Destiny Robinson, Emma Hedrick and myself (Hannah Morris) had to stay after school. We hope you enjoy our work.To view each issue just click on the one you would like to read!

Sept 2016 Issue

November 2016 Issue

December 2016 Issue

February 2017 Issue

April 2017 Issue


Teacher appreciation week

In recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week, the Generals’ Delivery staff gave out cards to students in order  to honor our teachers at Clarksville High School. We wanted to post some of the responses to recognize our teacher and the students who appreciate them.

“I appreciate Ms. Essary because when I was going through a lot and Ms.Essary helped me through it. She has been a great role model to everybody in the school. She understands and listens. If you want to see growth go to her she’s grown so much throughout the year, and I appreciate everything you do Ms. Essary. Thank you!” – Carissa G.

“I appreciate Mrs. Payne because she’s always been kind and flexible with my assignments. She’s super understanding and always makes sure everyone feels comfortable with her and her assignments.” – Destiny W.

“I appreciate Ms. Short because she is caring, funny, nice, and genuinely a down to earth person. She cares so much about what she does, and she knows how to make her class fun, but also chill and laid back. I love Ms.Short!” – Brayden M.

“I appreciate Mr. Gasaway. I had him my freshman year. I was new to the school and I had an awful past with my math classes.I would always fail and Gasaway taught in a way I could finally understand. He even gave me my first high-five award! I miss Gasaway, I won’t forget him.” – Brooke M.

“I appreciate Ms. Pangburn because she came in halfway through the year and it wasn’t the best classes to teach, but she gives it her all to give us the education and experiences that we deserve. She puts us before herself and that makes her an amazing teacher.” – Ashton M.

Watch what you say, please

Opinion Column inspired by 13 Reasons Why

I will never be good enough for anyone. I will either be too skinny or too fat. I will either be too short or too tall. I will never be pretty enough. No one can love someone who doesn’t love herself. Every girl tells herself this and pretends she doesn’t. We all walk past someone and wish we had something they had, whether it be an item or a feature. This is because society has set this image that we have to be bigger, better, and more perfect then we already are. Society has set impossible expectations for everyone especially high school girls. This is the trouble in America, and people say they are making a difference and fighting for a change but what is anyone really doing. There are still super skinny models on magazines making every girl over 110 pounds feel fat. There are still makeup commercials making girls feel ugly like they need to wear makeup to be pretty. There are still malls and stores that only carry smaller sizes making girls all over the world feel more self conscience about their weight.

Schools across the globe see this epidemic, but don’t quite understand the severity of the situation. With the pressure to be perfect, girls grow up with this expectation that they can’t meet which lowers their self esteem. Walking around the halls of high school feeling insecure and seeing a girl who is exactly what you want to be can be even more devastating to your ego. This is a cause of bullying in girls. Having such a low self esteem combined with other personal issues can cause someone to be hateful towards another girl. The bullying can range from calling people names and spreading rumors to putting on social media hateful and harsh comments about others. Other types of bullying that people may not consider would be telling someone that they can’t be friends with someone or making them choose and then judging them for their decision if they don’t choose them.

Social media is a key outlet for cyber bullying. On social media now it is so easy for someone to make a fake account and bash people. For example, Twitter is a popular social media network that many high schoolers use. It is easy to post a tweet about someone and not tag them. Using that as an excuse to say whatever you want about someone is not okay. Just because you don’t write their name on it doesn’t make it any better. Putting that harsh and negativity out there will only hurt someone and it will never help anyone.

There are simple ways to help stop these incidents. Start reporting these incidents, stepping in and standing up for that person getting bullied. Be a friend to that person. Don’t just be a bystander, stand up and do something about it. Be a good person because no one wants to feel so bad about themselves that they dread going to school or leaving the house. Be careful what you say because you never know who’s listening or how they will take it.

Teacher appreciation week

In recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week, the Generals’ Delivery staff gave out cards to students in order  to honor our teachers at Clarksville High School. We wanted to post some of the responses to recognize our teacher and the students who appreciate them.

“I appreciate Mrs. Payne she is one of the nicest and understanding teachers that there is. She’s an overachiever at her job and I wish more teachers were like Mrs. Payne. I also feel she actually cares about our grades too unlike some teachers who will just give you work with hardly any help.”     -Tim S.

“I appreciate Ms. Pangburn because she really loves music and cares about sharing her love of music with us. She is always pushing us to do better and achieve bigger and better things.”        -Samantha M.

“I appreciate Mrs. Vaughn because you’re nice and funny, here when I need to talk to you and you don’t put up with anymore and their behavior. Even though I only have you for CCR I appreciate you.”     -Antoinya B.

“I appreciate Ms. Embry because she is one of the most Sweetest, welcoming, and understanding teachers.”      -Samantha R.

“I appreciate Mr. Whicker because he was a very helpful teacher and coach.”     -Austin C.

“I appreciate Mrs. Holstine because she has helped my math skills grow a lot. I used to suck at math but now i’m better than ever. She brings my self esteem up a whole lot too.”  -Alex C.

“I appreciate Mr. Grubbs because you always motivate and try to reach out to the students others may have given up on.”       -Swifty

“I appreciate Mr. Keeler because he would talk to me if i was lonely. Also you are one of the best teachers. You know how to socialize with the students.”       -Brooklynn A.

“I appreciate Mrs. Bamforth because you helped through this year with my grades and my self confidence.”         -Katelyn B.

Lady Gaga Halftime Performance

On the night of February 5, 2017 Lady Gaga took the stage at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.  As her show began she stood on top of the NRG Stadium singing a snippet of God Bless America with thousands of drones behind her spelling out words and lighting up the sky in red, white and blue.  Gaga jumps suspended over 300 feet down to the stage for her glittering performance.  Wearing a silver, shiny, high shouldered body suit and big heeled boots flipping through the air into the stadium, she starts off with her song Poker Face.  

She sang a couple of her number one hits from years ago such as Born This Way, Bad Romance, Just Dance and, Telephone.  She embodied the message of freedom, love, and equality as her dancers of different ethnicities, genders and sexualitys joined in to embrace the message.  Her performance was a giant mega mix of her different songs from her career back in 2008 to her song Million Reasons off her most recent album Joanne.  

The show presented mixes of her messages of love and equality to mega pop hits and shiny, sparkling outfits, to messages of strength and courage and just how well she has rehearsed and practiced for this event.  Gaga even mixed gestures of rappers and an ex president.  

One of Gaga’s dancers featured in many of her past tour and the super bowl performance is from Louisville, Ky which stirred up many conversations in our area.  After her performance she announced she would be embarking on a 2017 world tour for her most recent album “Joanne”.  Gaga will cover many parts of the world on her tour and the tour will include a stop here in Louisville, Ky on November 13, 2017 which i am very excited for and will be attending this show.

Guest Column: A Lack of Support


written by journalism student Jasmine Drake

            Imagine being at a Clarksville boys’ varsity basketball game, on a Friday night, the seats are completely filled, people are cheering as their peers are running back and forth on the court. One of the boys makes a 3-point shot, everyone jumps up from their seat,  cheering and screaming with joy. The cheerleaders do their routine, flipping and jumping around. Everyone is excited, and thrilled Clarksville is winning. All they can do is smile and cheer. At half-time the line is long with people waiting at the concession stand, and music plays over the speaker in the gym as players practice free throws. The room is filled with excitement and joy, people are laughing and chatting with their friends, even people only seen passing you in the hallways are attending the game, everyone. Now, imagine a girls’ varsity basketball game, the seats are completely empty, maybe a couple parents of the girls playing, but other than that no one is showing up. The girls are losing by 20, and no one is cheering, not even the cheerleaders are there. The gym is dull and boring. That is how the girls’ games go, no one wants to come out and support the girls, ever, and we need to fix that.

        It is a pretty sad thing when everyone can show up to a boys’ game, meet with their friends and have a nice time, but can’t do the same for a girl’s game. Most people say it is because the girls never win games, so what’s the point? Well, if that was the case people would stop attending the football games, last time I checked, the Clarksville football team won less than 5 games this season and last, but people can still attend those games. Or people say, “Well the girls games aren’t any fun, so what’s the point?” Well, maybe if people started coming, and cheering at the games it would be more fun.

        People should show up to the girls games. The cheerleaders don’t come every game and cheer; now that is saying something. It is showing the girls that people just don’t care enough about them, and that is definitely not true. I feel that the girls are just important, if not more than the boys. Why should the boys have all the attention, all the recognition, when the girls are putting in just as much work and effort as the boys are? So people need to start attending the girl’s games to make the girls feel like they matter, that they are working hard hard. But all that hard work is going into no one showing up at their games, and people making fun of them. This needs to stop; we need to show the girls that they matter also.


Homecoming Recap 2016

Homecoming, typically a time of traditions, was a little different this year with the addition of a homecoming dance and the Jeeps which drove the king and queen candidates around the track.

Athletic Director Jason Carter was the mastermind behind the dance. “I was kind of amazed that we didn’t have one. It is something that as a student I really enjoyed. I wanted our students to be able to have the same opportunities to make lasting memories that they can take with them after school,” Carter said.

Thanks to Carter, with the support of new principal Adrienne Goldman, students were able to hang out together after the game. The turnout was larger than Carter expected. “I was very surprised at how many students there were there. I knew, we as an administration, made the right decision to have the dance,” he said.

Homecoming events like spirit week and the halftime crowning ceremony are time honored traditions and part of the fun. Spirit week, planned by Student Council featured America Day, Superhero Day, Mismatch Day, Hawaiian Day and Battle of the Classes School Colors Day.

Although the Generals lost to the Salem Lions 6-48,  seniors Tyler Martin and Molly Sparkman were the big winners of the evening. “Being the third Sparkman to win homecoming during a football season makes me happy. I am glad to know people like our family,” Sparkman said. Sparkman’s older sister was football homecoming queen in 2014.

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photos contributed by: Selena Wolf, Brianna Brown, Maggie Baird, Carolyn Hawkins, Brittney Andres, Ana DeKorte

Martin’s season ends unexpectedly

Senior Tyler Martin, former varsity wide receiver and corner back, was injured during the first home game against Arlington. The other player’s arm got wrapped up with Tyler’s during the tackle. When he fell, he landed on his shoulder and broke his collar bone. A week later, he had surgery and would be out for the remaining time of the football season. “Even with the misfortune of my injury, I am working my way back to health to help my team for the upcoming basketball season, ” Martin said.

Tyler Martin