Teacher Appreciation Week

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Next week, May 8 – May 12, is Teacher Appreciation Week. This tradition started in 1984 when the National Parent – Teacher Association  decided that one week in May, students and others should make their appreciation known for the teachers.

Here on Generals’ Delivery online, the newspaper staff will post students’ appreciation for their favorite teachers during next week. Online editor, Hannah Morris, will be going to each CCR to see if anyone is interested in writing a note to a teacher or you can stop in A304 to pick one up.

Graduation Shout Outs

The newspaper staff is selling shout outs for the final issue. Anyone can shout out to a graduating senior including students, staff, family, or friends. There are 3 options to choose from: $1 for 25 words, $2 for 50 words, or $5 for 50 words and a picture. Newspaper staff will be selling them until May 15 and the issue comes out May 19. Be sure to grab a newspaper to see the shout outs on pages 4 and 5.

On the Edge of Falling

Overview of dropping out article on page 8 of the final newspaper issue.

Ever thought about dropping out? It’s a pretty common thought. School gets stressful and juggling school with work, sports, and life can be exhausting.

Some kids actually do drop out, and in 2014 6.5% of all students according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Hispanics have a high drop out rate at 10.6%. Out of the males, 7.1% drop out and out of the females, 5.9% drop out.

These statistics were based on 16-24 year old who did not earn their high school diploma.

When thinking of dropping out, consider the facts. People who drop out will most likely make around $10,000 less than someone who did finish high school and over $35,000 less than someone with a bachelor’s degree, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. There will be a greater chance to live in poverty, 30.8% more likely than someone who finished college. Also, according to the National Dropout Prevention Center, 82% of U.S. prisoners are high school drop outs.

In the state of Indiana, the age of dropping out is 18, or 16 with the consent of the principal and parents. After almost 12 years of school, dropping out may not be the best option, considering there is probably less than a year left of school.

School is stressful, and trying to multitask a job, after school activities, and life can be even harder. If there is ever a thought of dropping out, talk to someone you trust and make sure it’s the right decision.

Update on Infinite Campus

Clarksville has finally updated their online grade book to Infinite Campus and students and parents are allowed to see the grades. Parents should have gotten an email with the link to create a log in to see their student’s grades and other things. Students can log in using their computer username and password. For example:

Username: Firstname.lastname

Password: first initial, last initial, lunch number

There is also an Infinite Campus app that can be downloaded for both Apple, Android, and Amazon. Once the app has been downloaded, there will be a code needed to use it. Go onto the computer and once logged in, under district announcements is the code. Enter that and the log in, and access will be granted.


Pictures of George Rogers Clark Needed

In April’s newspaper issue, there will be a story about George Rogers Clark Elementary and the staff would appreciate it if the students or parents from the Clarksville community who have pictures could send them in to be used in the issue or online. Quotes about GRC would also be greatly appreciated.  If anyone would like to send anything in, please contact Hannah Morris at hannah.morris@clarksvilleschools.org.

Now Introducing Infinite Campus

Say good-bye to Harmony and hello to Infinite Campus.

infinite campus

Infinite Campus in another student management system that is going to be just like Harmony, but is expected to be better by school officials. It is internet-based so everyone can access it online. Because it is a new software, students and parents will have to create a new log in. “Infinite Campus is new to us, so we don’t know a lot about it. We do know that it is supposed to be a lot more powerful than Harmony,” Clarksville High School counselor, Christine Allred said. Students used to use www.indianacareerexplorer.com to create their four year plan, but now Infinite Campus will have that attached to their transcripts to make it simpler. The school will know more about the program when next semester starts in the new year.

SAT requirements

Students who are taking the SAT, be prepared to bring the following:

  • The Admission Ticket – a printed version
  • Picture ID – This may be a valid licensed ID or a 2016-17 school ID
  • Calculator – They will not be provided at the testing area
  • #2 Pencils – bring multiple in case one breaks

Students are encouraged to bring:

  • extra batteries for the calculator
  • A watch that DOES NOT make noise
  • snacks and drinks for the assigned break

Items that are prohibited in the testing room include:

  • any digital item – laptops, cameras, iPod’s or any MP3 player
  • notebooks, highlighters, rulers, or papers of any kind

Students should not forget to turn on all cellphones and allow the administrators to keep them throughout the test. Student should also eat breakfast and have a good night’s rest.

To learn more about what to expect during the SAT, click this link, https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat.

Homecoming Nominees

The football homecoming nominees have been chosen. These students will be driven around the track in Jeeps on the night of the homecoming game, September 16th.


Brittney Andres & Tyler Martin

Morgan Radlein & Benett McEwen

Molly Sparkman & Alex Taylor


Diana Hernandez & Dylan Cain


Katelyn Parrish & Aaron Bly


Mackenzie Spalding & Zachary Leonard

RA Juniors:

Shelby Henninger & Justice Webber

RA Sophmores:

Aimee Steininger & Charles Weber

RA Freshmen:

Trinity Linnig & Clayton Aranda

Voting will occur on Thursday, Sept. 15 in CCR. Prosser students will meet in the front office and fill out ballots there.

Spirit Week 9/12 – 9/16

Homecoming is next week. Please remember that outfits for spirit week must still follow school dress code.

Monday: America (red, white, and blue)

Tuesday: Mismatch

Wednesday: Superhero

Thursday: Hawaiian

Friday: Battle of the Classes (9th and 10th wear white / 11th and 12th wear black)