Teacher appreciation week

In recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week, the Generals’ Delivery staff gave out cards to students in order  to honor our teachers at Clarksville High School. We wanted to post some of the responses to recognize our teacher and the students who appreciate them.

“I appreciate Ms. Pangburn because I’m very glad we have a teacher who knows and loves music they way you do. You bring structure to our class and I feel lucky to get to learn all the things you know.” -Jasmine

“I appreciate Ms. Baumann because she has always been my favorite English teacher. She’s funny and a great teacher. Most of us make her deal with too much. Good teachers don’t deserve that.” -Alex C.

“I appreciate Mr. Ledbetter because he was the best gym coach and basketball coach. He has all dem jokes.” -Brooklynn A.

“I appreciate Ms. Short because she is super funny and a relatable teacher. She is nice and an understanding person. She actually want the best education for each of her students. She is caring and makes class fun and enjoyable. I love her!” -Autumn L.


Place your bets

The Oaks takes place this Friday. The 143rd Kentucky Derby is Saturday. Nicknamed “Run for the Roses,” it closes the 2 week long Derby Festival held every year. The Derby Festival kicks off with Thunder over Louisville. This is the largest annual fireworks show in North America. It leads into over 70 events held on both sides of the Ohio River in both Indiana and Kentucky. According to oddsmakers, the favorite horse this year is Classic Empire having a chance of 4 to 1 to win.


  1. Lookin at Lee
  2. Thunder Snow
  3. Fast and Accurate
  4. Untrapped
  5. Always Dreaming
  6. State of Honor
  7. Girvin
  8. Hence
  9. Irap
  10. Gunnevera
  11. Battle of Midway
  12. Sonneteer
  13. J Boys Echo
  14. Classic Empire
  15. McCraken
  16. Tapwrit
  17. Irish War Cry
  18. Gormley
  19. Practical Joke
  20. Patch

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Survey Responses- Life skill classes

Regarding February 10th’s high school newspaper, there was an article over the idea of life skill classes being made available to schools. Under the story were open responses of Clarksville community members and their feelings about it.  The following are responses that didn’t make it to the article, but were just as important.

“Skills that will ACTUALLY help us, like how to file taxes, raise a child, etc. These should be taught because there are plenty of graduates that don’t know how to change a tire or a baby.”

“No matter what someone’s future plans are they will need to know about taxes, loans, and banking. Everyone has to borrow money from a bank at some point in their life.”

 “Analysis, synthesis, and organization. These are the most practical skills to carry over to college/workplace.”
“How to build credit. I think it would help me buy a nice house and stay in good credential standing.”
“Reading, writing, public speaking, math, accounting, budgeting, government, economics, organization. It would help our students get and keep jobs.”


Students who will be taking the ACT on September 27 should report to room A204 in the morning. Make sure to bring the appropriate model calculator and a pencil. Also make sure to bring in a picture I.D. that is required to take the test. The test will approximately be over at 12:15 p.m. There will be breaks so bring in a snack and lunch will be served after the test is administered and completed. For any questions ask Ms. Allred at the counseling office.

Remembering 9/11

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Today is September 11th. This means remembering all the lives that were lost. 2,996 people never came home from work that day. Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center while the other two crashed into the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania. Even though this year the 9/11 falls on Sunday, Generals can still take the time to take a moment of silence in memory of the innocent victims.