Pre-show rituals

by Morgan Radlein

Before every show actors and actresses sometimes have rituals and little things they do to get ready for their performance. Most actors rest and go on vocal rest before a performance to rest their throat so that they can do their best on stage. Junior Kelly McCulloch, Bonnie in the winter production of Bonnie & Clyde, said she likes to rest a lot throughout the day of her performances. “I like to drink throat coat all day so that my throat is cleared and ready for the show that night,” McCulloch said on the day of the opening night of the production. Before the show, she sets all her props and runs through all of her lines to just reassure herself.

McCulloch also does vocal warmups with her co-star Ari Hart who plays Blanche in the show. Hart drinks throat coat and rests like McCulloch before the show and she also does her hair and makeup early so she is ready and doesn’t have to rush before call time. Hart also goes through her songs and practices them to warm-up as well.

Ethan Tackett, who played Clyde, just likes to go about his day like regular and not worry about the show so he doesn’t overthink. “Before call time I will go backstage and pre-set all of my props and go over my entrances and blocking so I don’t forget them during the show,”, Tackett said. Tackett being the lead he has a lot of props and quick changes during the show backstage so he has to preset them so that he can be ready for the next scene.

During every show each cast member has their own little things they like to do before the show for either good luck or just to make sure they do not mess up.

“If you’re not ruffling someone’s feathers you’re not doing your job right”

It’s pretty sad, the uproar caused by someone simply stating her opinion that the girls deserve the same praise as the boys. In our community,  boys sports have much more support than girls sports. It is important to attend and support all genders, all sports and all activities in a small community such as ours.

An example of the inequity exists in the main gym. The wall is decorated with boys jerseys and banners, yet there is only one girls jersey displayed. If someone did not attend the school they might not even realize there are girls teams. There are senior banners for the boys hanging on the gym wall, but none of the girls’ basketball seniors or the lone cheer senior. After asking around, it was discovered that the girls coaches did not know this was an option.

The guest column posted two weeks ago drew attention to the unequal amount of support. All teams and activities should be supported and celebrated from all members of the community, so how do we do better?

It is the responsibility of the community and students to make sure that all groups are supported equally. People should try to make a better effort to attend games, concerts and plays while showing more school spirit in the process. Support and spirit for all groups will make all participants feel supported by their community.



Life skills survey

The Generals’ Delivery created a poll for the upcoming issue involving life skills classes. Reporter Destiny Robinson’s story is over what life skills should be taught in schools and what classes should be implemented into the school’s curriculum. If you have any thoughts or opinions on adding certain classes to the school curriculum, or think that any changes should be made then click the link below to participate in the statistics for our February Issue. Thank you for your cooperation.

New Year, New Students

New Year’s Eve has always been known as the time for people to start over or work on becoming a better version of themselves. Many Clarksville students have set goals for themselves this year. Some students have already reached their goals while others have already given up on the image of the better person they had in their head.

Most students interviewed said that they plan on losing weight or getting fit this year and have already signed up for gym memberships in order to achieve their goals. Over nine seniors have joined LAC and with others signing up for  Planet Fitness in order to get their workouts in. Eating healthy is an important part of losing weight as well and students have began doing this as well in order to slim down to the weight of their choice.

Another popular resolution mentioned was to be a better athlete or just get better at the sport they play. No matter what sport played, practice makes perfect so becoming a better athlete starts there. Along with losing weight, self motivation has a lot to do with it. Practicing what needs to be improved in order to be more successful and having a happy coach and team starts with self motivation.

Senior Alex Taylor’s New Year’s resolution was to make a three-point shot during a basketball game. His goal was quickly accomplished during the boys varsity City Championship game held at Providence High School on Friday, Jan. 6. “It was a relief  for me to already accomplish my goal so early in the year. Now I can focus on achieving bigger and better goals,” Taylor said.

Something most students plan on doing this year is bettering themselves as students and working harder to get better grades. Showing up to school on time and everyday, completing every assignment and focusing more in class are all tasks students plan to work on in order to have a better second semester.

Getting over a fear is a goal that can be hard to face. Freshman Jasmine Borden plans on facing her fear of performing on stage this year. “I want to get over my stage fright. I plan on doing this as I perform in Bonnie and Clyde next week. I feel confident in the show and in myself so I’m really hoping that this will be the stopping point to my stage fright,” Borden said.

Setting goals is very common around New Years but it depends on the person and how they go about reaching their goals and sticking with it. Stay motivated and stay positive. If someone decides 2017 will be their year, it will be. If Alex Taylor can accomplish his New Year’s resolution within a week, anyone can do anything within a year.

Guest Column: A Lack of Support


written by journalism student Jasmine Drake

            Imagine being at a Clarksville boys’ varsity basketball game, on a Friday night, the seats are completely filled, people are cheering as their peers are running back and forth on the court. One of the boys makes a 3-point shot, everyone jumps up from their seat,  cheering and screaming with joy. The cheerleaders do their routine, flipping and jumping around. Everyone is excited, and thrilled Clarksville is winning. All they can do is smile and cheer. At half-time the line is long with people waiting at the concession stand, and music plays over the speaker in the gym as players practice free throws. The room is filled with excitement and joy, people are laughing and chatting with their friends, even people only seen passing you in the hallways are attending the game, everyone. Now, imagine a girls’ varsity basketball game, the seats are completely empty, maybe a couple parents of the girls playing, but other than that no one is showing up. The girls are losing by 20, and no one is cheering, not even the cheerleaders are there. The gym is dull and boring. That is how the girls’ games go, no one wants to come out and support the girls, ever, and we need to fix that.

        It is a pretty sad thing when everyone can show up to a boys’ game, meet with their friends and have a nice time, but can’t do the same for a girl’s game. Most people say it is because the girls never win games, so what’s the point? Well, if that was the case people would stop attending the football games, last time I checked, the Clarksville football team won less than 5 games this season and last, but people can still attend those games. Or people say, “Well the girls games aren’t any fun, so what’s the point?” Well, maybe if people started coming, and cheering at the games it would be more fun.

        People should show up to the girls games. The cheerleaders don’t come every game and cheer; now that is saying something. It is showing the girls that people just don’t care enough about them, and that is definitely not true. I feel that the girls are just important, if not more than the boys. Why should the boys have all the attention, all the recognition, when the girls are putting in just as much work and effort as the boys are? So people need to start attending the girl’s games to make the girls feel like they matter, that they are working hard hard. But all that hard work is going into no one showing up at their games, and people making fun of them. This needs to stop; we need to show the girls that they matter also.


Turkey on the lanes

   Although the bowling team is new they have already accomplished a few things such as having a winning season and a region record set by Nick Williams, a senior on the varsity bowling team. One of the highest bowling scores for the season so far in our region was a 255. He had a few Turkeys during the game, which are when bowlers bowl three strikes in a row.
    The score was close to the top scores in the state.”I was pretty proud of my score. I listened to my coaches and adjusted my throw and angles. I believe that my hard work paid off especially during that game,”  Williams said. His hard work and dedication allowed him to match up to others scores in the state.
    As of this season alone, there are already six bowlers who have bowled a perfect game of 300 in the state. There are also approximately 15 other students in the state who have bowled in the 290s.  Clarksville’s bowling team is making a name for itself and showing up the competition. Currently the team is undefeated and will take on Providence tonight at 4 p.m.


Fun Holiday Outings

Photo from Lights Under Louisville at Louisville Mega Cavern

Getting stuck in the house over winter break because of icy roads and cold snow are a bummer. There are many holiday events going on so that families can enjoy the two week break doing something other than playing in the snow.

For the past few years, Jeffersonville has built an ice rink on Spring Street, a block from the river. The rink sponsors various events such as skate with Santa, skate with Olaf and teen nights. This would make for a very cold, but interesting night out on the ice. There also many restaurants right around that area to go in, get warm and have dinner. At least one night during December, Jeffersonville merchants usually run a promotion where people who bring a receipt from dining that night in downtown Jeff get a discount on admission and skate rental at the rink.

Paoli Peaks is also a fun place to learn how to ski and snowboard. They also have a lift that goes to the top of the hill to get dropped off. Sledding or tubing down are both options to take.

Driving around neighborhoods trying to find Christmas lights to look at can become very frustrating when only two houses in the whole neighborhood are decorated. Lights under Louisville goes underground from the comfort of the car to look at Christmas lights and listen to Christmas music.

In Charlestown Community Park, there is a free light show for all children and families to enjoy. There is a train and horse carriage to ride. There is more than 200,000 lights hooked up all controlled by a light and sound system to make the magic really happen for the little ones. “Charlestown light show is one of my favorite places to go. Between the lights, the horse carriage ride and the train ride there is never a dull moment,” junior Kaitlynn Lee said.

There are even more holiday events going on throughout our communities and neighboring communities for families to enjoy. Tis’ the season for fun filled memories with family and friends.


5 ways to give back during the holidays


Collect food and donate it to food banks. It is best to collect food that does not spoil quickly. Canned food, peanut butter and oats are some of the best options. There are a surprising number of people who go hungry this time of year. Donating food can help them out. Most local churches take donations and give them to families in need.

Donate supplies to animal shelters. Shelters can always use extra supplies for the animals, a few good ideas of things to donate are blankets, food and toys. They sometimes have a wishlist of things they could use. Calling and asking what items they need is also another good option.

Gather clothes that have not been worn in a while and donate them. This time of year coats, hats, gloves, and scarfs are especially needed. The Salvation Army, Goodwill and many other places take clothes donations.

Donate toys to less fortunate children. As the holidays approach some families struggle to get their kids presents. Churches, schools and local children shelters all take donations. Donating toys can make a big difference in a child’s life.

During the holidays, some people struggle to make ends meet. When going to restaurants always leave an appropriate tip. Tips can really help someone out when they are struggling and tipping is the right thing to do.

Now Introducing Infinite Campus

Say good-bye to Harmony and hello to Infinite Campus.

infinite campus

Infinite Campus in another student management system that is going to be just like Harmony, but is expected to be better by school officials. It is internet-based so everyone can access it online. Because it is a new software, students and parents will have to create a new log in. “Infinite Campus is new to us, so we don’t know a lot about it. We do know that it is supposed to be a lot more powerful than Harmony,” Clarksville High School counselor, Christine Allred said. Students used to use to create their four year plan, but now Infinite Campus will have that attached to their transcripts to make it simpler. The school will know more about the program when next semester starts in the new year.