Update on Infinite Campus

Clarksville has finally updated their online grade book to Infinite Campus and students and parents are allowed to see the grades. Parents should have gotten an email with the link to create a log in to see their student’s grades and other things. Students can log in using their computer username and password. For example:

Username: Firstname.lastname

Password: first initial, last initial, lunch number

There is also an Infinite Campus app that can be downloaded for both Apple, Android, and Amazon. Once the app has been downloaded, there will be a code needed to use it. Go onto the computer and once logged in, under district announcements is the code. Enter that and the log in, and access will be granted.


Survey Responses- Life skill classes

Regarding February 10th’s high school newspaper, there was an article over the idea of life skill classes being made available to schools. Under the story were open responses of Clarksville community members and their feelings about it.  The following are responses that didn’t make it to the article, but were just as important.

“Skills that will ACTUALLY help us, like how to file taxes, raise a child, etc. These should be taught because there are plenty of graduates that don’t know how to change a tire or a baby.”

“No matter what someone’s future plans are they will need to know about taxes, loans, and banking. Everyone has to borrow money from a bank at some point in their life.”

 “Analysis, synthesis, and organization. These are the most practical skills to carry over to college/workplace.”
“How to build credit. I think it would help me buy a nice house and stay in good credential standing.”
“Reading, writing, public speaking, math, accounting, budgeting, government, economics, organization. It would help our students get and keep jobs.”

Lady Gaga Halftime Performance

On the night of February 5, 2017 Lady Gaga took the stage at the Super Bowl Halftime Show.  As her show began she stood on top of the NRG Stadium singing a snippet of God Bless America with thousands of drones behind her spelling out words and lighting up the sky in red, white and blue.  Gaga jumps suspended over 300 feet down to the stage for her glittering performance.  Wearing a silver, shiny, high shouldered body suit and big heeled boots flipping through the air into the stadium, she starts off with her song Poker Face.  

She sang a couple of her number one hits from years ago such as Born This Way, Bad Romance, Just Dance and, Telephone.  She embodied the message of freedom, love, and equality as her dancers of different ethnicities, genders and sexualitys joined in to embrace the message.  Her performance was a giant mega mix of her different songs from her career back in 2008 to her song Million Reasons off her most recent album Joanne.  

The show presented mixes of her messages of love and equality to mega pop hits and shiny, sparkling outfits, to messages of strength and courage and just how well she has rehearsed and practiced for this event.  Gaga even mixed gestures of rappers and an ex president.  

One of Gaga’s dancers featured in many of her past tour and the super bowl performance is from Louisville, Ky which stirred up many conversations in our area.  After her performance she announced she would be embarking on a 2017 world tour for her most recent album “Joanne”.  Gaga will cover many parts of the world on her tour and the tour will include a stop here in Louisville, Ky on November 13, 2017 which i am very excited for and will be attending this show.


Picture taken by Caitlyn Wright

Tuesday, the boys basketball team took on the Eastern Musketeers in the first round of sectionals. Many students came out to support the team and participated in the white out theme. The students cheered from warm-ups to the end of the game and it pumped the boys up to success.

Junior Murphy McEwen lead the team with 15 points followed by Christian Stewart with 14. “It didn’t really matter to me that I was the leading scorer I just did what my team needed me to do,” McEwen said. The team hopes to have a better defense during the game tonight to help insure a win.

The boys ended the game with the final score of 60-49 putting Clarksville in the second round of sectionals taking place today at Crawford County. The teams will face off during the second game of the night starting at 7:30 pm.

The student section plans on brightening up the gym with their school spirit by wearing all neon. So be sure to get together a bright outfit and get a ride to the game today! Students without transportation have the option of taking the fan bus to the game after paying a dollar and filling out the proper paperwork.
Good luck to the boys basketball team!!

Pictures of George Rogers Clark Needed

In April’s newspaper issue, there will be a story about George Rogers Clark Elementary and the staff would appreciate it if the students or parents from the Clarksville community who have pictures could send them in to be used in the issue or online. Quotes about GRC would also be greatly appreciated.  If anyone would like to send anything in, please contact Hannah Morris at hannah.morris@clarksvilleschools.org.

Clarksville welcomes new resource officer

Clarksville High School welcomes in a new resource officer as the old one resigns. Chris Bartley grew up in Clarksville and has been a police officer for three years. But before becoming a police officer, he also had high intentions on helping others. Bartley worked at Jeffboat for 15 years and was also an Emergency Medical Technician for seven years. Criminal justice is what Bartley has his degree in.
Helping others has made a huge impact on the career choices that Bartley has chosen. “I became a police officer for the simple fact that I can help others,” Bartley said. Bartley also teaches bully and rape prevention classes.
Jiu Jitsu and Judo take up most of Bartley’s free time. Spending time with his kids is also an important thing that he makes time for.Wrestling is very important in his life, he has been a wrestling coach for four years at Providence. Oklahoma State is Bartley’s favorite college for wrestling. Oklahoma state has a top ranked wrestling team.The Gracie family and Bartley have trained together. The Gracie family is a family that has dedicated their lives to the practice of Gracie Jiu Jitsu, making them the largest family of athletes in the world.
He wants to show people that being a police officer does not always mean that he is the bad guy and that he is here to protect and serve instead of scaring people and being the bad guy. His main goal with being a police officer is hopefully convincing the public not to take the bad route and to make good decisions that will benefit them, their family and the community.
The school was already an important part of Bartley’s life. The school is not only a big part of the community, but his kids also attend Clarksville schools. “When I came in they asked me things that I can make a difference in and I have an interest in this school, not only to the kids, but I have Tyler that goes to this school and Sarah that goes to the middle school. So I have an invested interest in the kids safety. Not only in my kids safety, but in everyone’s safety so I want to make sure that everyone gets home at the end of the day,” Bartley said.
The main reason Chris Bartley became a police officer was to help protect and educate the community he grew up in, making sure that everyone stays safe in the community is very important. img_4581

Pre-show rituals

by Morgan Radlein

Before every show actors and actresses sometimes have rituals and little things they do to get ready for their performance. Most actors rest and go on vocal rest before a performance to rest their throat so that they can do their best on stage. Junior Kelly McCulloch, Bonnie in the winter production of Bonnie & Clyde, said she likes to rest a lot throughout the day of her performances. “I like to drink throat coat all day so that my throat is cleared and ready for the show that night,” McCulloch said on the day of the opening night of the production. Before the show, she sets all her props and runs through all of her lines to just reassure herself.

McCulloch also does vocal warmups with her co-star Ari Hart who plays Blanche in the show. Hart drinks throat coat and rests like McCulloch before the show and she also does her hair and makeup early so she is ready and doesn’t have to rush before call time. Hart also goes through her songs and practices them to warm-up as well.

Ethan Tackett, who played Clyde, just likes to go about his day like regular and not worry about the show so he doesn’t overthink. “Before call time I will go backstage and pre-set all of my props and go over my entrances and blocking so I don’t forget them during the show,”, Tackett said. Tackett being the lead he has a lot of props and quick changes during the show backstage so he has to preset them so that he can be ready for the next scene.

During every show each cast member has their own little things they like to do before the show for either good luck or just to make sure they do not mess up.

“If you’re not ruffling someone’s feathers you’re not doing your job right”

It’s pretty sad, the uproar caused by someone simply stating her opinion that the girls deserve the same praise as the boys. In our community,  boys sports have much more support than girls sports. It is important to attend and support all genders, all sports and all activities in a small community such as ours.

An example of the inequity exists in the main gym. The wall is decorated with boys jerseys and banners, yet there is only one girls jersey displayed. If someone did not attend the school they might not even realize there are girls teams. There are senior banners for the boys hanging on the gym wall, but none of the girls’ basketball seniors or the lone cheer senior. After asking around, it was discovered that the girls coaches did not know this was an option.

The guest column posted two weeks ago drew attention to the unequal amount of support. All teams and activities should be supported and celebrated from all members of the community, so how do we do better?

It is the responsibility of the community and students to make sure that all groups are supported equally. People should try to make a better effort to attend games, concerts and plays while showing more school spirit in the process. Support and spirit for all groups will make all participants feel supported by their community.



Life skills survey

The Generals’ Delivery created a poll for the upcoming issue involving life skills classes. Reporter Destiny Robinson’s story is over what life skills should be taught in schools and what classes should be implemented into the school’s curriculum. If you have any thoughts or opinions on adding certain classes to the school curriculum, or think that any changes should be made then click the link below to participate in the statistics for our February Issue. Thank you for your cooperation.